What makes this small group of speakers special?

We work with them closely, getting to know them individually, and understanding how each of them can best contribute to an event. We know that they will work together with you to increase your event's impact.

We invest a lot of time into our managed speakers' careers because we know they have a lot to offer you. And if none of these speakers is the right fit, contact our team and we'll help you find someone who is just right for your event.

If you're looking for an exceptional speaker, this short list is a great place to start.

Bill Reichert
Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures.

Dan Walters
A journalist for more than a half-century, spending all but a few of those years working for California newspapers.

David S. Rose
Described by BusinessWeek as a "world conquering entrepreneur."

Ekaterina Walter
The trailblazer behind Intel's rise as a social media powerhouse.

Elwood Norris
Won the 2005 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize as Inventor of the Year.

Guy Kawasaki
His in-depth knowledge of the high-tech industry combined with his years of management experience enables him to address a wide range of audiences.

Howard Rheingold
The future of digital culture—yours, mine, and ours—depends on how well we learn to use the media that have infiltrated, amplified, distracted, enriched, and complicated our lives.

Jesse Ziff Cool
One of the few women who has become a resounding success as both a chef and a business owner in the competitive restaurant world.

Kathleen Sharp
Award-winning journalist, acclaimed author of the "most important non-fiction book of the past 20 years," film consultant and dynamic speaker.

Luke Zamperini
Providing an intimate perspective on growing up as Louis' son and finding inspiration in his father's stories and strengths.

Matthew May
Creativity catalyst and founder of EDIT, an innovation-focused company helping clients achieve the maximum effect with minimum means.

Trip Hawkins
Multiple Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner