Katrina Smith wishes everyone enjoyed their jobs as much as she loves hers. What could be better than getting to know hundreds of great speakers, each at the peak of their profession, in fields from nanotechnology to mountain climbing? Meeting business luminaries, real life heroes, famous book authors, and world leaders is a dream job.

Katrina worked as a booking agent at Keynote for several years before becoming the owner, speaker manager, HR director, legal department, overly-picky copy editor, troubleshooting negotiator, and staff bar manager. (Yes, Keynote has its own bar. Itís in the conference room. Come see it sometime.) She regrets not being able to spend quite as much time working directly as an agent - it was much more fun than the paperwork she has to do now - but is thrilled at the way Keynote continues to grow and expand the scope of its operations.

Katrina is also proud to serve as the Immediate Past President (2014-2015) of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, and is also a member of the Board of Governors, giving her an opportunity to observe trends and influence the development of the industry she loves. Her pet project has been a Strategic Planning Initiative, which focuses on research about the current speaking industry, and what changes need to be made in bureau and agency models to address the current landscape.

Katrina graduated from Yale University in 1994, where she studied music and languages. She loves all kinds of music from opera to blues to electronica, speaks a variety of sometimes-obscure foreign languages, and rides a loud and very shiny Harley Sportster in her spare time. At the center of her life is Katrina's children: two hilarious middle-school-aged boys, and a small daughter who is absolutely fearless (wonder where she gets that?). She also recently adopted a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog who hangs out at Keynote every day.